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LP Photografix Studios © LP Photografix 151 Mansfield Road, Alfreton DE55 7JQ
Modelling at the Studio

Here at the LP Photografix Studios we welcome all models regardless of experience.  So if you’re an experienced Professional then we would be very happy to have you come and join us at the studios.  Or if you are just thinking if you would like to give modelling a try, then we strongly encourage you to pay us a visit.

As mentioned above all models are welcome to use the studios.  Either by booking yourself or if you are coming to work with a photographer who has made the booking.

Models visiting the studios will benefit from our large private make-up and dressing room, and also the models exclusive toilet and shower facilities.

We also offer discounted studio hire rates for models looking to book studio model days with us.

Portfolio Building.

For models looking for new photographs for your own portfolios, then get in touch.  Not only do we have the facilities to be able to produce almost any image you are interested in, but I also have my own extensive wardrobe of outfits and props that are not available for general use .

I also offer a range of printed portfolios at an amazing price.